StandUP to Sexual Harassment in the Legal Profession

We give a safe place for attendees to learn and practice skills to
“see something, say something.”

Sexual Harassment Training

After the recent headline news story about sexual harassment in the legal profession, it is clear that, as a profession, we need to do more to prevent workplace sexual harassment.

Topics to be Covered

Content development for this session has been led by Sara Forte, Employment Lawyer, Workplace Investigator and nationally recognized thought leader on the subject of sexual harassment. 

What is sexual harassment?

  • Review of the legal definion of sexual harassment
  • Examples of conduct and comments on the spectrum of sexual harassment

Professional conduct rules

  • Review of applicable professional standards for lawyers

Organization policy

  • Brief overview of your organization’s policy, what is included, where to find it

Role of bystanders

  • Explain power and importance of bystanders to creating a culture of respect
  • Review range of bystander intervention strategies

Bystander skills exercise

  • Apply bystander intervention strategies to example scenarios

Investment Includes:

  • 90-minute interactive workshop
  • Delivery of training workshops in person or virtually
  • Participants will learn to respond to and report workplace sexual harassment through your organization’s policy
  • All sessions will be delivered by a Forte Workplace Law lawyer experienced in facilitation
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